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Serving Berkeley and the San Francisco area, we’re taking a new approach to integrative health and holistic medicine.

Hana Holistic Medical
& Wellness Center

Primary Care


Wellness Programs

Taking A New Approach

With Dr. Hana’s unique blend of primary care with wellness classes and traditional Chinese medicine, we’re helping our members achieve their health goals. At Hana Holistic, we believe that health means whole-body wellness. In addition to being your primary care doctor in the Berkeley and San Francisco area, you’ll have access to classes and programs covering topics like holistic medicine, yoga, Tai Chi or massage therapy.

Dr. Anas Hana, MD

Primary Care Doctor

Annamarie Bustonera

Office Manager

Michael Artesona

Medical Assistant

Kino Sangaa

Medical Assistant

Joining Our Wellness Practice

Our practice combines the latest integrative health research with traditional holistic medicine and acupuncture techniques to achieve the most effective treatment. Hana Holistic goes beyond what other doctors in Berkeley can accomplish. We won’t just treat your symptoms. We’ll help you build a healthy lifestyle through the principles of nutrition, integrative health, and holistic medicine.

When you join the Hana Holistic Medical Center, you’re taking the first step in a personal transformation. Unlike other primary care physicians in the San Francisco area, we don’t want to wait till you are sick to start helping you. By focusing on building a healthy lifestyle, holistic medicine, and integrative health, Hana Holistic helps you stay healthy and avoid illnesses before they begin. Our preventative medicine approach also helps manage chronic health problems, leveraging our expertise in medical acupuncture and primary care.

Become a Hana Holistic member today and begin your health journey. If you have any questions, please call us at (510) 527-1678 or email us at

A New Approach in Healthcare

A Worldy Perspective

Dr. Hana is awesome and really cares about his patients. He focuses on treating the whole person: mind, body and spirit. The staff here are warm and very pleasant. It’s always easy to quickly get an appointment on short notice.

Best Doctor I have ever had! Dr. Hana is very patient and listens to you. He is a perfect combination of eastern and western approaches to medicine. If you live in Berkeley and looking for a new Doctor he is it!

I'v been taking guided imagery classes they offer and it has been great. I feel calmer and more relaxed. It is very rare to see a doctor's office offering well being classes and I really admire his vision. Dr Hana would be the only primary doctor I would wanna see!

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