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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

At Hana Holistic, we mix old and new to help you feel your best. We take the best parts of regular doctor visits and add special therapies that cover all of you — your mind, body, and spirit. It’s all about giving you care that fits just right. Learn more about our unique health approach. Here, it’s all about you: what you need and how you feel. Let’s start your health journey together.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine blends traditional care with proven holistic methods to treat your whole self — mind, body, and spirit. It’s about digging deeper to find the root causes of your health issues, using everything from medications to yoga, and ensuring every part of you is addressed. You’re not just a patient; you’re a partner. Together, we aim for comprehensive care that spans all aspects of your health. Discover our approach to whole-person healing and explore how we can guide you towards optimal wellness through a mix of conventional and complementary therapies.

Examples of Integrative Medicine Practices

We embrace the power of integrative medicine, offering therapies that nurture mind, body, and spirit for comprehensive healing. Our therapies include:

  • Acupuncture: Discover the ancient practice of using fine needles to boost health and relieve pain at our center. Delve deeper into acupuncture through our dedicated Acupuncture Appointments page.

  • Acupressure: Experience healing without needles, using targeted pressure to enhance health.

  • Tui Na Massage: Rebalance your energy with this traditional Chinese therapeutic massage. Learn about its benefits on our Tui Na Massage for Wellness page.

  • Tai Chi and Massage: Combine the soothing movements of Tai Chi with massage techniques for relaxation and energy flow.

  • Yoga: Join our classes to boost flexibility, strength, and mental peace, catering to all levels. Explore our Health and Wellness Programs for more information.

  • Tai Chi Classes: Embrace gentle movements to improve balance and tranquility. A perfect choice for maintaining overall health.

  • Breath Work: Master breathing techniques to reduce stress, enhance clarity, and boost vitality.

Integrative Medicine:

Integrative medicine, as practised at Hana Holistic, marries the best of traditional and modern medical practices. This approach is grounded in evidence-based therapies and lifestyle changes aimed at treating the whole person—mind, body, and soul.


  • Holistic Approach: Addresses multiple aspects of health, including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Personalized Care: Tailors treatments to individual needs.

  • Evidence-Based: Combines well-researched conventional and complementary therapies.


  • Limited Recognition: Some practices may not be widely recognized in conventional medical circles.

  • Variable Regulation: Dietary and herbal supplements, for instance, might have less stringent regulation compared to conventional medicines.

  • Insurance Coverage: Not all integrative therapies may be covered by health insurance. However, our Medical Acupuncture is covered by Alameda insurance


Yoga and Tai Chi: Unity of Mind and Body

Our yoga and tai chi classes combine postures and movements with breathing techniques. They are beneficial for reducing stress and pain, enhancing the immune response, lowering blood pressure, improving posture and body alignment, increasing muscle strength, and providing a sense of joy and well-being.

Holistic Healing Near Me

We’re proud to be at the forefront of integrative medicine, serving the vibrant communities of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and the broader Bay Area. Our holistic approach is designed to meet the unique needs of each locale, from Oakland’s rich cultural vibe to Berkeley’s. Offering everything from acupuncture to wellness workshops, we’re here to support your health journey. Explore our Bay Area holistic services and discover patient-centred care that’s as diverse as the communities we serve.

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