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Doctor and Patient

Primary Care Doctor & Physician

What is Primary Care

Many people today are looking for a natural approach to health and wellness. Our team at Hana Holistic Medical Center is a community where patients can learn how to care for themselves with our guidance. The combination of Eastern and Western medicine and other holistic treatments help patients reach their wellness goals.

Our Approach to Primary Care

Perhaps you’ve been looking for primary care services that aren’t covered by your insurance provider. Our clinic offers a variety of holistic services that may not be covered under your insurance. We believe in treating more than just the symptoms of your health issues. That is why we offer treatments and services such as:

  • Medical acupuncture

  • Massage therapy

  • Health and Wellness classes and workshops

  • Energy healing

Our team’s services promote healing of the mind and body. That is why we offer classes as part of our primary care services.

Importance of Primary Care & Doctors

Our Primary Care Providers at Hana Holistic are key to preventive care, guiding healthy lifestyle choices, treating common conditions, and facilitating specialist referrals when needed. They are your first step towards comprehensive health and well-being.

Primary Care Specialties at Hana Holistic

Primary care at Hana Holistic focuses on adult health, providing comprehensive, patient-centred care for individuals aged 18 and above. This speciality is the first point of contact for adults seeking medical treatment, offering a broad spectrum of services for various health needs. Notably, Dr. Anas Hana, a leading expert in the clinic, specializes in HIV treatment and the provision of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), ensuring advanced and compassionate care for those at risk. At Hana Holistic, primary care is more than just treatment; it’s about empowering adults towards a healthier, more holistic life

Primary Care Services at Hana Holistic

Accessing Primary Care: Your Gateway to Health Primary care services are the cornerstone of the healthcare system, acting as the first point of contact. Hana Holistic’s primary care encompasses general practice. We ensure that your initial healthcare needs are met promptly and effectively, guiding you through the complexities of the healthcare system. For more on our primary care services, visit our primary care page.

Female Patient

See what some of our previous clients experienced:

We aim to always ensure customer satisfaction. No only do we want to heal patients and provide the best care for them. We want to create a relaxing experience for them. Holistic healing starts from a well-rested base. Hana Holistic acts as a safe space for all clients to relax, open up and heal.

Dr. Hana is very patient, passionate, and kind. Great bedside manner. He really listens and responds.

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Doctor Hana is thoughtful and patient. His office staff is very responsive. I highly recommend him as a physician.

Verified patient

Felt like a spa, a very nice experience, and he was clearly a big fan of holistic medicine instead of just pills.

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Finding Our Practice - Hana Holistic

Our team loves serving patients from our clinic at 2107 Channing Way, Berkeley, California 94704. If you’re in the Berkeley area, the easiest way to get to our office is by using the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system.

If you prefer to drive by car, we’re not far from the University of Berkeley. Just head west from the University on Bancroft Street toward Sather Lane. Make a left onto Dana Street and in less than ½ mile you’ll see our practice on Channing Way.

When you get to our office, we encourage you to park along Channing Way or in the Center Street Parking Garage. Our office space has limited parking so you may find more spots available at these locations. If you have trouble please call our office at (510) 527-1678 so we can help you.

Call Us For A Primary Care Appointment

It is our pleasure to help many patients reach their health goals. Call Hana Holistic Medical Center today so we can help you reach your goals as well. We look forward to meeting you.

Primary Care Effectiveness at Hana Holistic

Why is Primary Care Effective? Primary care at Hana Holistic is effective due to its holistic, continuous approach, focusing on prevention, early detection, and personalized treatment. This approach ensures comprehensive management of health, potentially reducing the necessity for specialized care.

Benefits of Primary Care: The primary benefit of our primary care service is the early detection and management of health issues, leading to better health outcomes and often lower healthcare costs. Explore our primary care services for comprehensive health management.

Goals and Importance of Primary Care: Our primary care’s main goal is to provide accessible, all-encompassing health services, focusing on long-term health maintenance and preventive care.

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