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Primary Care Doctor & Physician in The Bay Area, CA

If you’re looking for a primary care doctor in the Bay Area, California, the team at Hana Holistic Medical Center is here for you. Our team combines Western and Eastern medicine with holistic methods. This approach offers our patients a completely natural way to achieve health and wellness.

We Offer Primary Care

We believe that patients can achieve better health and wellness when we teach them how. It is our goal to pair our medical approach with unique education methods. Our approach to primary care will also help you:

  • Learn how to manage chronic health issues

  • Treat current problems with your health

  • Create a health and wellness routine

  • Grow in your health and wellness journey

We work diligently to give each patient the tools they need and support their health goals.

Finding Our Office From The Bay Area

You can find our office at 2107 Channing Way, Berkeley, California 94704. Our team loves helping people in the Bay Area and the surrounding cities. If you live in the Bay Area, here is how you can get to our office:

  1. Find Interstate 580-West/Interstate 80 East.

  2. Take CA Exit 13 for Ashby Avenue.

  3. Continue for less an 1 mile and then turn left onto Seventh Street.

  4. Then turn right onto Dwight Way.

  5. When you see Martin Luther King Jr. Way, turn left.

  6. Make a right onto Channing Way. Our clinic is on the left.

If you’re driving yourself, plan for a few extra minutes to park. If you park along Channing Way, there is a four hour limited parking time. The most convenient place to find parking is the Center Street Parking Garage. You can find at 2025 Center Street.

Let Us Provide You With Primary Care

If you’re ready for a holistic approach to health care, call our clinic today. The team at Hana Holistic Medical Center is always willing to meet you and discuss your needs. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your wellness journey.

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